Repairs and Restoration
Ken Blount has over 30 year experience in making and repair acoustical instruments.Take a look at some of the repairs of fine and vintage instruments.

Ken Blount repairs virtually all types of string instruments, acoustic and electric guitars, violins, upright basses, mandolins, banjos, and ukuleles. He is an authorized warranty service center for C.F. Martin Instruments, as well as Ovation Guitars. All repairs are performed by Ken, himself. He has no apprentices or employees.

Services Ken performs include neck resets, crack repair, refinishing, bridge and saddle work, repairing loose bracing, neck breakage repair, binding re-gluing and replacement,violin sound post setting, nut work, and major breakage repair and restoration.

Ken will always take into consideration the value of the original appearance of a vintage instrument, and will advise the best course of action to repair yet preserve this appearance.